Downloadable Graphics and Promotional Materials

The NC LIVE Promotional Materials Directory is a Google Drive folder for web and print materials to support libraries in promoting and NC LIVE-provided resources. The Directory also includes a folder where library staff can share materials they have created to promote NC LIVE resources. The goal of this folder is to allow libraries to learn from each other's promotional successes, and to let libraries share templates for what works for promoting digital resources.

Access the NC LIVE Promotional Materials Directory

You can also request FREE print promotional materials to be sent directly to your library for Pronunciator and Gale resources.

If you have any questions about promotional materials please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

How to Use the Directory

This folder is a method for NC LIVE member libraries to download promotional material files provided by NC LIVE, resource vendors, and other member libraries. Promotional materials can be web graphics such as banners or buttons, or print materials such as bookmarks, rack cards, fliers, brochures, etc.

 To Download a File from Any Folder in the Directory:

  • Click on the file you would like to download. You will see the file in a preview box. Click on the ‘download’ arrow at the top of the page, and your browser will begin the download process.

Select download arrrow

To Share a File Through the “Library-Created Promotional Materials” Folder:

  • To share a file, you will need to have a Google account and be signed into your account.
  • Open the “Library-Created Promotional Materials” folder.
  • Click “Add to Drive” in the upper right.
  • Find the folder in your own Google Drive and open it.
  • Drag the file you want to share and drop it in the folder.
  • The file is now visible and shared with all libraries.

You can also send a file to and NC LIVE Staff will add it to the shared file for you.

Guidelines for Sharing Materials

  • By adding a document to the folder, you are giving other libraries permission to copy, customize, reuse, and otherwise be inspired by materials you have created. You can add completed materials or templates.
  • Please do not add materials you did not create.
  • Please add only relevant materials used to promote NC LIVE-provided resources, NC LIVE websites, or general promotion of digital library resources.
  • Take care to remove any elements from the materials that you do not want other libraries to reuse, such as logos or images that only your library has the right to use.
  • When possible and appropriate, please add documents in an editable format rather than as a PDF or JPEG. This makes it easier for other libraries to customize and reuse your materials.