NC LIVE LibGuides Templates

NC LIVE is now offering LibGuides templates for v1 and v2 that include all resource links, descriptions and categories for your library to customize.  Each LibGuide includes a master list of all NC LIVE resources, plus a separate page for each of the resource categories.

By using these LibGuides as a template for your own library's LibGuides, you can add or delete resources, create new category pages, modify database descriptions and, if necessary, add your local proxy prefix.

For LibGuides v1 users:

To copy the content in v1, create a new LibGuide and search for this URL:

For LibGuides v2 users:

To copy the content in v2, create a new LibGuide and search for this URL:

Caution Important Notes:

  • These LibGuides are intended to be used as templates for libraries to copy into their own LibGuides accounts. Please do not send your patrons directly to the NC LIVE LibGuides.
  • To keep the LibGuides in sync with our website, NC LIVE staff will periodically update the master links, descriptions, and categories.
  • All new resources have been included in the LibGuides with their permanent direct links, even if access has not yet been turned on by the vendor.
  • When access is available for a new resource, we will announce it on our For Library Staff blog
  • Please refer to the LibGuides v1 FAQ or LibGuides v2 Support pages for assistance, or contact the NC LIVE Help Desk if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.
  • Has your library created a great LibGuides widget that you'd like to share? Let us know!