NC LIVE Collections Data

Below you'll find data about the resources licensed and/or purchased by NC LIVE, including title lists, and data formatted to be included in state and national data collection surveys.

General Data about NC LIVE Collections*

Total number of databases (includes ebook, audiobook and streaming media collections): 84

Total Ebook titles: 193,780

Total Full-Text Journal titles (periodicals, journals, magazines): 22,186

Total Audiobook titles: 2,146

Total Streaming Videos: 23,334

Download detailed general collection information (Excel file, last updated July 2016)

* Please note that because NC LIVE subscribes to aggregated databases, exact collection numbers change frequently. If you need an exact collection number for a given date, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

Data Formatted for State and Federal Reports

If you have a question about collections data that isn't included on this page, please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.

Other Collection Information