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The State Library of North Carolina is offering several new workshops this spring including all-new and updated NC LIVE Basics workshops, plus training support for the new NC LIVE resources with some "Quick & LIVE-ly" webinars! These workshops and webinars are led by North Carolina librarians and Master Trainers who know all the best strategies for using these resources with your patrons.

Please see this flyer for information and to sign up for these sessions, including a webinar on Films on Demand TOMORROW January 29th at 2pm
These great workshops and webinars will fill up fast so sign up today!

For more information about these sessions please contact Kelly Brannock, Continuing Education Consultant,

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To: NC LIVE Member Library Staff
Subject: Home Grown ebooks – Pilot project wrap-up and Next Steps
From: Jill Morris
January 26, 2015

A plan to continue the Home Grown program

NC LIVE is happy to announce that having now completed the pilot phase of the Home Grown ebook project, including purchasing the books, launching the platform, gathering feedback and assessing the results, the Home Grown ebook collection has now become a regular NC LIVE service that will continue to be offered to North Carolina libraries.

Unlimited simultaneous use access has been negotiated with all publishers through at least the end of 2015 (and in some cases beyond that period), and the intention is to extend that access for all Home Grown ebooks into future years.

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Within ebrary, users create title-level links by clicking the "Share Link to Book" button.  If this link is created within the library/on campus, a proxy prefix needs to be added manually so that the link will work for both IP-recognized and remote users. There is not currently an automated way of appending proxying information to these links, but this is an enhancement that is coming soon to ebrary.

To create permanent title links as an IP-recognized user (in the library/on campus): add the NC LIVE proxy prefix (or your local proxy prefix) before the ebrary title link:

For example,

To create permanent title links as a remote user (outside the library/off-campus): there is no need to modify the link. When you have logged in through NC LIVE or your local proxy, the "Share Link to Book" feature will generate a proxied link. The link will automatically work for both IP-recognized and remote users.

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OneSource, a new business resource for global company and industry information  is now available to North Carolina libraries to use as a database module within the ReferenceUSA database.

From within the OneSource database, patrons can find information on approximately 6.4 million global companies and industries. Industry and financial reports are printable and downloadable, however patrons will not be able to download lists of companies.

NC LIVE licensed access to OneSource for all North Carolina libraries as part of its 2015-17 licensing cycle.

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***UPDATE: As of 11:15am on 1/21/2015, this issue has been resolved. Please report any access issues to the NC LIVE Help Desk.***

Pronunciator is currently experiencing technical issues. Users see a "page unavailable" browser error when trying to access the resource. The vendor is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible. NC LIVE will update this post as soon as the issue is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience to libraries and their patrons.

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January 2015 usage data for all NC LIVE-provided resources will be available on the NC LIVE Usage Reports page on February 15, 2015.  Beginning with the January 2015 data, member libraries will see several changes on the usage reports:

  • New resources will be added to the usage reports (see the list below).
  • COUNTER-compliant data will be used where available from vendors.  COUNTER is a standard for electronic resource usage data that allows for more consistent measurement.  See Project COUNTER for more information.
  • Data definitions for Searches, Sessions, FT-Views, and AbsPlusViews will be updated and posted on the Usage Reports page.

The following new resources will be added to NC LIVE usage reports:

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Gale is offering FREE print and digital promotional materials for Literature Resource Center, Science in Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Infotrac Newsstand. These bookmarks, posters, tent cards, web banners and more can even be customized for your library.

See this flyer for instructions on how to order these materials. If you don't know your library's Gale account number, just visit the ProMo site and click on the "more information" link for instructions on how to retrieve it.

Gale is also offering webinars for library staff on January 26th and February 5th. Sign up today to learn about the Gale administration module, and how the tools included can help you promote these resources to your users.

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***This issue has been resolved by the vendor. If you continue to have access issues please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.***

Many member libraries are currently unable to access AccessScience. The resource does not recognize that the library has a subscription, and asks users to log in. NC LIVE staff are working with the vendor to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. This post will be updated when more information becomes available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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All NC LIVE member libraries now have full access to Natural Standard from Therapeutic Research. This is a new resource for NC LIVE's 2015-2017 resource cycle, and it may be used by library staff and patrons. Library staff are encouraged to become familiar with the resource interface, promote the resource to faculty and patrons, and integrate the resource within your library's website.

Linking to Natural Standard

The NC LIVE Direct Link for Natural Standard is:

If your library is being properly authenticated, the words "logged in" will always appear in green on the top right side of the resource homepage. Please report any access issues to the NC LIVE Help Desk for quick resolution.

Libraries with Local Proxy Authentication

Please add the Natural Standard stanza to your local proxy configuration. 

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***UPDATE January 2nd 2015: The access issues for Websense users have now been resolved and access should be restored. If your library continues to encounter issues please contact the NC LIVE Help Desk.***

Some libraries have reported issues when accessing the website, particularly libraries using Websense web filtering software. NC LIVE staff are aware of the issue and are working as quickly as possible on a technical solution. We will update this post when the issue is fully resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience to library staff and patrons.